MIRID - Michigan Chapter, Registry Interpreters for the Deaf
MIRID, established in 1970, is a state chapter of the National Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID), founded in 1964.  MIRID goals are to assist interpreters in improving their skills, 
promote professionalism in the interpreting field, and to help increase public awareness. 


 Andi Chumley               


MIRID Vice President, Andi Chumley

Andi is a nationally certified American Sign Language interpreter. She received her BS degree in deaf education from MacMurray college in 1998. She was employed at the Illinois school for the deaf for 7 years before returning to her native Michigan on 2005. Since that time she has worked as both a staff and free lance interpreter.

Vice President - Mitch Holaly, BEI III & NIC


Mitch Holaly and his Bride at their weddingMitch is a proud graduate of Lansing Community College’s ITP and Michigan State University; holding a Bachelors’ degree in Community Relations with a cognate in Political Science. Mitch currently works as a freelance interpreter based in the Flint area. He and his wife recently became parents for the first time and when not changing diapers, Mitch enjoys spending time with family, renovating his home, gardening, and attending MSU athletics. 

As Secretary, Mitch is involved with tracking membership, maintaining meeting minutes, and completing special projects as the President assigns.  Mitch is an all around great guy, and a valuable asset to the MIRID Board Team!

Treasurer - Cindy Wood, MAI, NIC

Born and raised in Pure Michigan, Cindy moved around the U.S. for many years before returning home in June of 2015.  She joined MIRID as Treasurer in April, 2016.  She received her Bachelor's degree in Business Marketing and Management from Adrian College and her Master's degree in Interpretation from Gallaudet University. She has held her national certification since 2007.   

Cindy has worked as both a staff and freelance interpreter in various cities and states including, Milwaukee, WI, Washington, D.C., Virginia Beach, VA, and most recently here in the Metro Detroit area. 

She and her son Trevor reside in Milan, Michigan.  They love spending time outdoors, exploring and finding adventure wherever they go.

Secretary - Danielle Ward

Information to come...

Deaf Member at Large - Angela Laguardia

Information to come...

Member at Large - Stephen Decator


Stephen Decator

Stephen grew up with one foot in the Deaf community and initially trained as an interpreter at Lansing Community College from 1981-1984. He also holds undergraduate degrees in French and Sign Language Interpreting, and a Master’s degree in Curriculum and Pedagogy in Adult Education. Most of his career has been in Canada working as an interpreter, and he also taught in an interpreter education program in Windsor for over 20 years. In the past, he has held his CSC from RID and his NAD V, as well as his OIS registration from Ontario Interpreter Services and Court Interpreter Certification from the Ministry of Attorney General in Ontario, Canada. He is a professor at St. Clair College in Windsor, Ontario, a freelance and VRS interpreter in the Metro Detroit area. His specialties are medical interpreting and interpreting in the Information and Technology arena.

Member at Large - Ge (GeAnna) Moody, BEI 1


Ge (GeAnna Moody)Ge originally learned to sign from Deaf family and friends. Although she grew up signing, it never occurred to her to become an interpreter until she went to college in 2009. Originally taking ASL as a foreign language requirement for a degree in accounting, Ge quickly realized that a life sitting at a desk crunching numbers was not for her – and that interpreting was her true passion. 

Currently Ge is a freelance interpreter and a mentor at Oakland Community College in their Interpreter Training Program (ITP).  Every year she volunteers and helps to organize the Interpreted Weekend at the Michigan Renaissance Festival, providing appropriately supervised, hands-on opportunities, and observation hours for students within our state's ITPs.  Ge's dedication, passion and motivation for the language, the culture, its members, and ITP students is inspiring to say the least.

Publications Manager - Laura Anne GonzalezBEI 1


Laura Anne Gonzalez sitting in car, sunglasses on, smiling and signing I-Love-You 1-handed

Laura’s journey to become an ASL Interpreter began 27 years ago in church, when she had the opportunity to witness her first sign language interpreter in action. She became enthralled with the language. Laura took her first sign language classes through the church, taught by a very skilled interpreter. The weekly classes were followed by socializing with a variety of Deaf individuals who volunteered their time to assist in the students’ language acquisition. Quite a few years later found Laura interpreting for friends in a local motorcycle ministry. The friends she interpreted for became her second teachers and first mentors of ASL. They remain best of friends to this day.  
After attending Oakland Community College's Interpreter Training Program under her first interpreter-mentor, Kelly Flores, Laura graduated in 2011. She then received state certification in 2012 and is currently a BEI 1. She continues to study ASL while focusing on increasing her skill, use and understanding of the language. Of her journey so far, Laura says, "I did not grow up in the Deaf Community, so I feel honored to have been adopted into it by so many friends and mentors."


Laura is married to Gary Gonzalez. They have a blended family with four children (1 in high school and 3 in college).  They look forward to each new day together, cherishing the joys and inspirations that life affords.

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